Learn how to customize a Blythe doll: lose the fear!

If you are here is because you want to learn how to customize a Blythe doll. And maybe you also have the same doubts that assailed me before embarking on this path. Where to buy a Blythe? Which one to buy? An original Blythe or a fake one? How to learn how to carve? What tools do I need? How much do I have to invest? …. A lot of questions to which you can find answers in this website.


Since I met these amazing dolls and fell madly in love with them, it took me more than a year until I decided to take the plunge. Why did it take me so long? I guess for the same reason as you: I was very lost on the way, it was very difficult to find answers to the doubts and questions that assailed me.

There is hardly any information on the Internet about how to start Blythe dolls customizing. It all seemed very secretive, as if no one wanted to share their knowledge. The few videos I could find on YouTube did not show how to perform the carving process step by step, in detail, for someone like me who wanted to start and had no idea of what tools to use or how to.


How did I learn Blythe doll customizing?

At the time, the only way I found to learn was to watch the same videos over and over again. I was not discouraged. I took advantage of what little information I could find, attended two very basic carving and customizing workshops and continued my self-taught training.

I often ask myself: what if I had found someone to guide me when I took my first steps in customizing Blythe dolls, to teach me specific carving techniques in detail? Well, I wouldn’t have been so afraid to start, I wouldn’t have felt lost, my learning would have been much faster and, above all, I would have started to enjoy much earlier what today is my passion!


Yes, I was also where you are now

If you are reading this article is because I imagine how you may feel and the doubts that may be going through your head. That’s why I decided to create this website and two online carving and faceup workshops where you can learn step by step the whole process of customizing Blythe dolls.

In my website you will find a lot of practical information about the whole Blythe doll customization process:

And of course, my two online workshops:

  • e-Carving, an online workshop to learn how to customize from scratch and at your own pace, as it will be available whenever you want. It includes 21 videos and more than 7 hours of content.
  • e-Faceup, an online workshop of step by step makeup techniques composed of 9 videos and 3 hours of content available whenever you want to learn at your own pace.

A website and two workshops that I created with one goal in mind: to prove to yourself that you too can customize wonderful Blythe dolls.

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