General terms and conditions of sale and return policy

1. Owner’s identification data

These general terms and conditions of sale regulate comprehensively all transactions that may be offered, provided or made from the online store located on the website, hereinafter “the website”.

These terms and conditions may be modified at any time and shall enter into force immediately after their publication on this page.

2. The User

The access, navigation and use of the Web, confers the condition of user, so you accept, from the moment you start browsing the Web, all the Conditions set forth herein, as well as its subsequent amendments, without prejudice to the application of the corresponding legal regulations of mandatory compliance as the case may be.

The User assumes responsibility for the correct use of the Web. This responsibility shall extend to:

  • Make use of this Website only to make inquiries and legally valid purchases or acquisitions.
  • Not to make any false or fraudulent purchase.
  • To provide truthful and lawful contact details, for example, e-mail address, postal address and/or other data.

The User declares to be over 18 years of age and to have legal capacity to enter into contracts through this Website.

3. Conditions of access and purchase

The access to the Web is free and attributes to whoever performs it the condition of User, regardless of the subsequent use of the services offered.
The User must register in order to purchase in our store by filling out a form, which will involve assigning personal credentials consisting of a unique identifier (which will be the email address) and a password, whose conservation and custody will depend solely on the User, who must operate with them with due diligence. Therefore, it will not use other keys that are not theirs, in order to impersonate other Users in the use of the Web.
The purchase of products on the Web can only be made by users over eighteen years of age, who must follow the steps and instructions that will accompany the entire purchase process.

4. Orders

The completion of an Order is equivalent to the acceptance that you have read the description of the article and the policies of the store before making the purchase; that you have made the payment for the items purchased and that you have provided the seller with accurate information about the shipment.

Once the order has been placed, the Buyer may no longer cancel it. The sale will be final. The order will be confirmed by the Web by sending an email to the Buyer acknowledging receipt of his purchase (“Order Confirmation”). However, this confirmation does not imply automatic acceptance of the order, since the Web reserves the right to collect additional information related to the identity and address to ensure both a correct shipment of the order, and to ensure the absence of fraud related to transactions.
If you detect an error in your order after the completion of the payment process, you should contact us immediately by e-mail at
When using a third party service, you may also be subject to an agreement with the third party. For example, PayPal is a third party service provided by PayPal Holdings, Inc. and is subject to the PayPal User Agreement.
The Website may share your personal or transactional information with this third party service provider for purposes related to payment processing. The provider and processing time for your payment will vary depending on the country in which you are located.
The Website recommends the Buyer to keep these two emails. The Buyer is informed that the two aforementioned emails will be sent to the email address that he/she provided for identification during the registration process, prior to placing the order.
On the other hand, the Web does not assume any responsibility in case of error in the introduction of the email address or non-receipt of the order confirmation email. In these cases the sale will be final, except in case of cancellation of the order by the Web.
Once the amount of the order has been collected, an e-mail with the electronic invoice will be sent, if requested by the Buyer.
In accordance with the applicable regulations, the Website reserves the right to refuse or cancel for legitimate reasons any order in which the number of products or the amount to be paid or other elements show that the Buyer is carrying out an economic activity related to the products ordered or, in general, any abnormal order in accordance with the case law applicable to the case.
Finally, the Website reserves the right to suspend or cancel the execution and/or delivery of an order, regardless of its nature and degree of execution, in the event of non-payment or partial payment of the amounts owed by the Buyer, in the event of payment incidents or in the event of fraud, consummated or attempted, related to the use of the Website, including fraud committed in connection with previous orders.

5. Information, tracking and delivery

Order processing may take 24 to 72 hours.
Orders have an estimated delivery time of 1 to 5 business days depending on the destination. They can be shipped worldwide.
Barring unforeseen or extraordinary circumstances, we will ship your order for the product listed on each Shipping Confirmation, within the timeframe indicated on the website, via UPS. Please allow 24-72 hours to receive tracking information. You can track your order by clicking on the tracking number in the email.

If for some reason we are unable to meet the delivery date, we will inform you of this and give you the option to proceed with the purchase by setting a new delivery date.

Please note that delivery times to the recipient may be affected by customs clearance jurisdiction and country regulations. Therefore, for some countries, delivery times may be longer than our stated standard delivery time.

It is your responsibility to track your order. If your order has not arrived after a reasonable time, and you fear that the package has been lost in transit, please contact me via email at and I will do my best to assist you.
For the purposes of these Conditions, “delivery” or the order shall be deemed to have occurred or the order to have been “delivered” at the time when you or a third party indicated by you acquires material possession of the product, which shall be evidenced by a signature of receipt of the order at the agreed delivery address.

6. Impossibility of delivery

If it is impossible to deliver your order, either due to the absence of the addressee or non-payment of import charges for the shipment, your order will be returned to the local UPS facility. You will be notified of the status of your order and you will need to contact your local UPS office to have your order reshipped or to resolve the non-payment of customs charges.
In the event that the order has not been delivered for reasons not attributable to us, it will be understood that you no longer want the order and as a consequence the shipment may be returned or discarded. In this case the Web will contact you to resolve the situation.

7. Price and payment

The prices indicated for each product are those that will appear on the website, applicable taxes and shipping not included. At the time of placing each order the user must pay the marked price including applicable taxes and shipping costs incurred, which will be based on the shipping information provided in the same and will be added to the total amount at the time of payment.

Once you have selected the item you wish to purchase, it will have been added to your basket and the next step will be to process the order and make the payment. To do this, you must follow the steps of the purchase process, filling in or checking the information requested at each step. Likewise, during the purchase process, before making the payment, you will be able to modify the data of your order.

Prices may be modified by the Web at any time and without prior notice without affecting orders already confirmed.
All Orders must be paid in Euros, including all taxes and mandatory duties.

The accepted means of payment is payment by PayPal. This payment is made directly on the PayPal website, following the conditions of use established by PayPal. If the order is not paid within one hour, the Web will cancel the order.

The Web reserves the right to change the payment methods, being able to create new ones or to eliminate some of the existing ones, without the user being able to make claims for this reason.

8. Value Added Tax and invoicing

In accordance with the provisions of Article 68 of Law 37/1992 of December 28, 1992 on Value Added Tax, the delivery of the items are considered made in the territory of application of the tax if the delivery address is in Spanish territory (except the Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla) or in another member state of the European Union.

The applicable VAT rate shall be that legally in force at any given time depending on the specific article in question.

9. Customs charges

I take active measures to try to ensure that your package has the lowest possible customs and duty charges at the time of shipment.

I advise you to contact your local customs office to find out the current rates and not get an unexpected surprise when the package arrives, as they vary from country to country.

10. Withdrawal right

All sales are final. Please take this into account and always read the description carefully before purchasing. I do not accept returns.

11. Risk transfer and ownership

The customer shall acquire ownership of the product and its risks at the time of delivery (as defined in the preceding clause), if this takes place at a later time.

12. Damages and Problems

The customer is obliged to inspect the goods with due care, to detect if the item is defective, damaged or if he/she receives the wrong item, and to notify the supplier in writing to email of obvious defects immediately upon receipt of the goods so that the problem can be assessed and remedied.

In that case, please provide photos of any marks on the doll that occurred during shipping. I ship all my dolls perfectly secured, but any damage must be mentioned immediately upon receipt of the doll.

In the event of rectification, the supplier shall not be liable for any increased costs incurred by moving the goods to a location other than the place of performance, provided that such movement does not correspond to the intended use of the goods.

The supplier shall not be liable for any damage caused by careless handling. All modifications shall be made at your own risk.

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