About me

Hello! My name is Amor and I have been in this exciting world of blythe dolls for a short but intense time.

Really I never liked dolls.

When I was little my mother used to buy them for me and they always ended up in a corner, half broken or under the bed… Actually I was bored playing with them and I preferred to see how they were inside. Curious right?

I preferred to play football with my brothers or to play with machines. Until I saw one of them on Instagram, looking at me with those huge eyes. Then I fell in love. It was a crush. Today it’s clear to me that it’s a love for life.

Blythe sea sailor see

A great discovery

And diving on the Internet I discovered the blythe universe.

I was amazed by the work of great artists who were able to create unique dolls.

I always liked to create with my own hands: drawing, painting… I also loved to discover and learn new techniques, new ways to express myself.

And it was clear to me: I also wanted to customize my own blythe dolls!

And the blythe dolls lightened my path

I immediately started researching:

What tools would I need? Where could I buy a blythe doll to start practicing with? And who could teach me the carving and customization techniques?

It was not easy to find information, but I was not discouraged and I managed to get the necessary basic notions to embark on a new and wonderful path.

Blythe Elegant Ellie
dónde comprar una blythe para customizar


After attending a couple of carving and customizing workshops I finally had in my hands my first customized blythe. I still remember that exciting and special moment!

A sensation, a feeling that is reborn with every doll I get to give life to.

From then on, I continued my learning process on my own, self-taught, with one goal: to create unique dolls that someone wants to love.

With each new doll I try new things, I use different tools, I take risks. I never stop learning.

Today I am living my dream and I am immensely happy to finally be able to do what I love and share it with you.

Thank you for wanting to walk this path with me!

Blythe Doll Seeking Apelles
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