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Blythe customizing workshop

Discover Blythe doll face-up techniques with my unique e-Faceup workshop

Transforms and give personality to your blythe dolls!

Discover the secrets of makeup and bring your Blythe dolls to life with this exclusive online course of 3 hours of video content where you will learn makeup techniques that will enhance their character.

My course will guide you from scratch allowing you to create realistic expressions and unique personalities that reflect your personal touch. With each lesson you will improve your skills and learn all the tools and techniques necessary for you to create dolls with an authentic and captivating look.

Step by step and at your own pace, this course offers you the space to develop your artistic talent by providing you with the information you need to find your own style.


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From inspiration to creation

Unleash your artistic potential!

Do you dream of bringing to life your Blythe dolls and expressing your creative touch? Are you looking to take your skills to the next level? Well, your time has come!

Discover how makeup can completely transform them with my online Blythe doll makeup course and you can turn them into an expression of your art.

My course is designed to inspire you and teach you detailed techniques and tips to customize your Blythe dolls with style and originality.

Immerse yourself in the world of color and enhance the beauty of your dolls by transforming them into a reflection of your essence.

A clear route

My course is meticulously structured so that each lesson builds on the previous one, allowing you to develop your skills logically and effectively.

My detailed instructions are designed to ensure that no detail is overlooked.

With my step-by-step method, you will not only learn how to do makeup on your Blythe dolls, but you will also gain the confidence to experiment and create your own designs.


75% Dto.  100€


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Embark on a colorful and creative journey

Course overview

  • 3 hours of video content
  • List of needed materials and where to buy them
  • 6 lessons
  • Language: English and Spanish
  • Level: beginners
    From your computer, tablet or mobile phone
  • Immediate access from this website
  • Unlimited access forever

What will you learn?

With my course you will learn to apply a variety of makeup techniques to customize and give realism to your Blythe doll:

  • Prepare the area to be worked on.
  • Make up skin texture
  • Make up the lips and cheeks.
  • Draw the eyebrows.
  • Make natural freckles.
  • Shading techniques


75% off  100€


(Limited time offer)

Who is the e-Face up course for?

A workshop for everyone

This course is designed for anyone interested in learning Blythe doll makeup techniques from scratch.

Whether you are a beginner and don’t know how to start, or you already have experience and want to develop or perfect your skills, this course will provide you with the tools and knowledge you need to give your dolls an artistic and distinctive touch.

Why choose my e-Face up course?

Full flexibility

Self-manage your learning. Access the course content anytime, anywhere, adjusting it to your pace and lifestyle. You decide when to continue with each lesson.

Get in the front row

The high quality of the videos will ensure that you won’t miss a single detail. Thanks to unlimited access, you will be able to watch the lessons as many times as you need to perfect your skills.

Proven experience

With over five years perfecting the art of customization and a portfolio that speaks for itself, I have accumulated techniques and tips that you can apply to your own projects.

Detailed and effective method

My step-by-step approach takes you by the hand from the basics to the most complex techniques, with clear and practical explanations.

Exclusive material

Get access to resources you won’t find anywhere else. Not only will I provide you with instructions, but I’ll be here to help you hone your skills and answer your questions.

Creative community

Join our Facebook group, where you can share your creations, get feedback and celebrate your progress with other passionate Blythe doll fans.

Special Limited-Time Offer!

Don’t miss this opportunity and register today with an exclusive super discount on your registration.


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Enroll Now and Transform Your Skills!

Take the first step towards realizing your creative dreams and take your passion to the next level, sign up now and start your journey into the wonderful world of Blythe doll customization!





positive feedback


Elaine Wang

I recently redo my previous doll’s make up and Amor’s tutorial really shed a light in my dark customization learning tunnel 😹💘😭❤️❤️❤️ Planning to do more this year, but I’m happy with what I’ve learned so far and can’t wait to experiment with more colors!!!😻💖💞💓✨ @Grumpy_Doll_Diary

Agata Gil

Amor’s tutorials are simply the best! She puts so much attention to detail and care in what she does, it’s a pleasure to see her work!! I couldn’t recommend her tutorials enough!!!!!

Shelly Cooke

I have both of Amor’s tutorials now and they have been invaluable resources for developing my customisation skills. Getting to see the whole process from start to finish is incredibly helpful. It is clear a lot of time and love went into this tutorial. Highly recommended! 👍♥️♥️♥️

Nicole Blaine

Super helpful and clear! It is a very detailed tutorial and it is the only thing out there that detailed for applying makeup. Very grateful for this! and Amor is so helpful 🙂 Thank you so much!!

Karine B

Bonne réalisation du tuto d’Amor, je custom les dolls depuis plusieurs années mais je trouve toujours intéressant de se former et de compléter ses connaissances. Soutenez les artisans créateurs, c’est important ! Bravo Amor pour les heures de travail accompli sur cette vidéo ♥


Nadja Schestakow

Hat mir an vielen Stellen sehr geholfen meine erste Blythe zu machen.


Vielen Dank für deine Hilfe, Amor. Ich hatte Schwierigkeiten, die Videos anzuschauen, aber Amor hat mir super geholfen. Die Videos sind toll und ich freue mich schon auf meine neue Puppe 🙂


It was very helpful! That’s excellent!

Rachael Kerr

Really helpful series and very easy to follow! I’ve learned so much already and appreciate the fact that I didn’t need to go buy a bunch of supplies. She uses basic tools that I already had handy


The tutorial videos are very helpful and detailed and serve as a guide for carving and face-up; the instructor gives you tips and continued support beyond the tutorial and is always open to answer any questions that may arise. I recommend this tutorial to anyone who wishes to learn the basics of the art of customizing, it also helps you in discovering your own carving/face-up style.

Nathalie Deman

Franchement ça vaut très largement sont prix. Une excellente formation, très complète et vraiment très très bien expliquée. Un grand merci l’artiste !!!!…merci pour ta générosité car tu partage réellement tes apprentissages de la façon la plus pédagogique qui soit. Je suis certaine qu’avec beaucoup de travail je parviendrai à le faire !!! À de prochaines formations je l’espère car il y a toujours des apprentissages à approfondir pour se perfectionner !!!


75% off  100€


(Limited time offer)

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