Blythe customizing workshop

Learn how to make Blythe dolls with my online e-Carving workshop.

You too can create your own blythe dolls!

Get started in carving techniques. An online course of  7 hours of video content with which you will learn from scratch, step by step and at your own pace to create Blythe dolls.

Throughout the lessons, you will discover how to carve the mouth and nose of a Blythe doll.

You will also know what tools you can use, tips before you start and tips to keep in mind when working.



Getting started with carving Blythe dolls

Course overview

  • 19 video lessons (7 hours)
  • 2 additional resources
  • 12 practices
  • Audio: English and Spanish
  • Level: beginners
  • From your computer, tablet or cell phone
  • Immediate access from this website
  • Unlimited access forever

What will you learn?

  • Prepare the area to work on.
  • Shape the nasolabial area and philtrum.
  • Make a closed mouth.
  • Make the nose complete.
  • Define the corners of the mouth.
  • Make the chin line.
  • Make the lines of the mouth.
  • Sanding after carving.



Who is the e-Carving course for?

Requirements and supplies

No previous knowledge is required to carry out this course.

Regarding the basic supplies, you will need:

  • Wood carving gouges and/or precision blades.
  • Water-based sandpaper
  • Sponge sandpapers: superfine, ultrafine and microfine
  • Diamond file
  • FFP3 dust mask

Recommended materials:

  • Scalpel no. 15 and scalpel no. 11
  • Mask to protect your eyes from dust
  • Magnifying glass

What to expect from the e-Carving course?

Online and at your own pace

Self-manage your learning. It doesn’t matter if you have no experience. Enjoy learning from home, without schedules, without time limits and at your own pace. You decide when to continue with each lesson.

First in line

The high quality of the videos will ensure that you won’t miss a single detail. Thanks to unlimited access, you will be able to watch the lessons as many times as you need to perfect your skills.



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