Buying a blythe for customizing: original or fake?

If you are reading this post is because you have already decided and  want to throw yourself into the world of customizing blythe dolls. For  this you will need a lot of desire, the right tools and, above all … buy a  blythe for customize.


dónde comprar una blythe para customizar


Abby, one of my fake Blythes



If you have read my story you will know that blythe, along with everything that  surrounds this exciting world, illuminated my path when I was in a complicated  moment of my life. I needed a radical change of direction and they have become my  compass.  

I already had the tools and I knew that buying a blythe for customizing was the first  step to start, but I knew that the price of the original ones was quite high, about 200  euros. That, I admit, blocked me.



That’s when I discovered something that made me lose my fear. I’m sure you’re going  to love it: you don’t have to spend a lot of money on your first blythe for customizing.  

There are copies of the originals that are perfect for your first experiences in  customization. They are known as fakes, and you can find them for a price of about 60  euros or even less if they have any offer. 

You can dare without fear of ‘spoiling’ a genuine blythe, there will be time to buy one  when you feel more confident!  

There is even the option of buying just the face. This way you can practice for very  little money and, when you are convinced with the result, you can buy the body and  everything else to complete your doll.



So, if you are going to start this way and you are not sure if you are going to be good at  it or you just want to try, what I recommend when buying a blythe for customizing is to  choose a fake. Why? Because in the first customizations you will notice the lack of 

practice: your first job will not be the same as your tenth, for example. And because,  what’s the need to spend a lot of money on something that you don’t even know how  it’s going to turn out? I wouldn’t dare.  

The time will come to buy an original blythe for customizing. My advice is to be  patient. First, get hands on experience and build your confidence in the handling of  your tools. Everything will come…  

Shall we start?

Helen is a fake blythe. My customization #4


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