Kimberly, my first blythe customized by me

Kimberly, my blythe rocker doll, was my first customizing experience. And  I have to admit that I was the first one surprised with the result. 


When I finally dared to customize my first blythe doll I had the logical fears and doubts  of any novice. What if it goes wrong? I love crafts, but I had never done anything like this  before. I didn’t want to risk throwing money away, so I decided to buy only the faceplate.  That’s how I got down to work. 

Once I got over my fear and doubts, I finally finished my first carving, and I was so  excited! It took me almost two weeks, yes, two weeks! I couldn’t stop looking at my  blythe rocker doll. I was very pleased with the result of my first carving, and that’s what  drove me to keep going. 

First I bought the body (I chose a pure neemo S) and then her scalp. Now that was an  adventure! When she got home I discovered that her hair had a very afro curl, so I had  to use ‘my hairdressing skills’ to first straighten it a bit and then make looser curls. You  can see part of the process here 



But what I love most about Kimberly’s customization is her makeup. Being a redhead, I  wanted her to have lots of freckles! The truth is that I had no idea how to do them, but  I found help surfing the Internet and in the end I think I managed to get them more or  less right, as you can see in the pictures. 

Kimberly is a very funny redhead and rocker blythe. She is one of my most special blythes  dolls, as you can imagine, and I love her personality. That’s why she is part of my  collection.


Fake blythe. 

Pure neemo flection full action body  

Size S. Natural color. 

Face and back sanded. 

Carved lips, nose, philtrum and chin.

Personalized make-up applied with rembrandt pastel paints and secured with several  coats of spray.  

Makeup on eyelids. Freckles. 

4 pairs of new crystal eyes. 

New eyelashes. 

Eye correction and sleepy eyes. 

New pull ring. 

Hair treatment, cut and styling. 

Tilt neck.


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