Where to buy a blythe for customizing?

If you do not know where to buy a blythe for customizing in this post I  bring you a list of trusted stores, whether you are looking for an genuine  blythe or a fake one. 



Online stores in Asia

There are two stores where you can buy an original blythe that I can recommend: 

  • Junie Moon (Japan). It is the official store of the Takara factory where the Blythe dolls  come from. Prices are in yen and do not include shipping costs.  
  • C.C. Toys (Hong Kong). Although it is not the official store, here you will find a good  stock. Prices are in dollars and include shipping costs by registered mail.


Online stores in Spain 


  • Dolls moe (Barcelona). If you live in Spain and don’t know where to buy a blythe to  customize, voila! This store in Barcelona is a wonderful option. Here I usually buy  bodies and accessories, they have a good stock and I can assure you that the shipping  is very fast, in two days you have the order at home! Highly recommended. Prices do  not include shipping costs.

Other marketplace

  • Ebay. Doing a search for “takara blythe” you will find the dolls that are for sale.  Remember that you will have to go by the seller’s information and look at the reviews  and opinions of other users.




Online stores

Aliexpress has a wide variety of fake dolls. The best option to practice if you are just  starting out. Shipping takes about 11 or 12 days to arrive, although sometimes it may 

take a little longer. So, keep in mind that if you buy on this platform you should have a  little patience. They are also very economically priced.  

Recommended stores:

Other markets where to buy a blythe for customizing

  • Blythe Blytho Dolls  is a Spanish Facebook page where you can buy your fake blythe to  customize. It is also a very interesting alternative to Aliexpress. If you live in Spain, your  orders will arrive in a couple of days.


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